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EU seeks single airborne system for communications, radar and electronic defence

Indra has been selected to lead a European R&D project to combine radar, communications and electromagnetic (EM) spectrum defence in a single system for fighters and other military aircraft.

The CROWN project was created by the EU within its Preparatory Action for Defence Research (PADR) initiative.

The Indra-led team, comprising research institutes and companies from seven EU member states, will integrate radar, electronic defence and communications equipment into a single lightweight AESA-based system that can be installed in the aircraft nose cone, camouflaged in the fuselage, or in an underwing pod on multiple platforms (including UAVs).

‘No other country as yet possesses this capability so it will bring a major advantage to whoever acquires it first,’ Indra claimed in a 20 May statement.

Possessing this technology is key for knowing how and why the EM spectrum is used in a combat, ensuring that European militaries can use it as they need it and deny it to adversaries.

According to Indra, deliverables from CROWN could eventually be adapted for use on equipment in the land and naval domains.

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Published on 20th May 2020 by The Shephard News Team


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