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CROWN communication synergy with INTERACT project

The CROWN project team expands its network by establishing a communication collaboration (synergy) with the INTERACT project. In the framework of this synergy, cross communication activities will be made aiming to promote both projects’ news and results to a wider audience.

About the INTERACT project

The INTERACT Project enhances the capabilities of European armed forces to operate unmanned systems together safely and effectively with manned systems in joint or combined operations. The project will deliver the effective means to ensure the interoperability and standardisation of different unmanned systems, equipment, components, and procedures to maximise benefit and optimise adoption and integration of unmanned systems in the operation of armed forces.

The development of an interoperable open architecture for mobile, unmanned systems (land, air and water) by the INTERACT project provides a strategic value for both – operational end-users and industry. The ability to make the unmanned systems interoperable i.e. exchange data and information from various systems on one hand and ensuring interchangeability across system payloads in a flexible manner on the other hand, will enable the armed forces to react comprehensively to rapidly changing requirements.

In brief, the INTERACT solution:

  • Will enable a smoothly adoptable composition of systems and teams (both manned and unmanned).

  • Will facilitate that required resources can be exchanged rapidly and reallocated.

  • System downtimes will be avoided or reduced by optimally distributing and exploiting systems or system parts.

All the above can apply within armed forces units, between different armed forces units or service branches but conceptually also across national forces. Lastly, standardized interfaces for human-machine interaction can achieve continuity in the handling of the systems with positive effects on the certification, training and relevance of the assets.


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